My View On Humanity As A Species

Humanity by nature is a very greedy, destructive and ruthless species, this is due to evolution. Ego is a major contributing factor as why we are the way we are, when two egotistical people have conflicting views it can easily lead to conflict, a great example is Stalin and Hitler. the Fascist and Communist ideologies are polar opposites was this difference that drove the Soviet Union to keep fighting during the Second World War. if Hitler wasn’t so consumed by his ego, all the Jews that perished wouldn’t have died needlessly. in our existence, we have not had anymore than 200 years of continuous peace, this is partly because you cannot have peace without war. humans are creatures of convenience we are like electricity in the sense that we follow the path of least resistance. Humans are also ruthless, look at Stalin and Hitler again they killed so many of their own people to get or keep what they wanted, there’s a very fine line between determination and obsession Stalin and Hitler crossed that line to the point they became mono maniacs. Don’t get me wrong not all humans are like this, this ironically due to evolution and that some people can see past their ego. to summarize i have a very cynical view on humanity but that humanity is in the midst of a mass awakening which means we are finally realizing what we have become.