The Current State of The Blog

First off I would like to say I’m sorry for not posting in a while, this is for a few reasons.

  1. School: I’m in my last year of high school now so I have had very little time to do anything.
  2. Time to myself: in accordance with my first point I haven’t had much time to myself due to the metric shit-ton of homework I’ve had to do so anytime spare time I have had I’ve been spending with friends and just by myself.
  3. Sporting commitments: I’m a competitive cyclist, the form of cycling I do is called cycle speedway(look it up) and it takes up a lot of time every Sunday.

I’m really sorry that I haven’t been posting as often as I used to, hope I haven’t offended anyone

Easter 2018

Sorry for not uploading in quite a while, i just didn’t have anything sreaming at me to be blogged about. i thought i’d put up a post about how my easter went for no apparent reason. My family and myself went up to a family friend’s shack in country Australia for the whole weekend. To be completely honest, i don’t get the point of Easter, it’s basically a four day excuse to eat chocolate which in my opinion is just weird. like Santa the “Easter Bunny” doesn’t exist, so why tell your children he is real only to destroy that part of their childhood a couple of years later? Ok enough of me ranting, i’ll explain what i did this Easter; literally nothing. the only mildly interestiong thing that happened was me having my worst mental breakdown to date. I was thinking about my personality and then i completely broke down (i’ll write a post on my breakdown spcifically in the very near future). drinking probably didn’t help (before you guys ask, yes i’m at the legal age), when i’m feeling depressed or anxious i usally avoid alcohol like the plauge but in this case my depression decided to make it’s presence felt after i had started drinking. the situation quickly detiriated after that. sorry for the short posts guys

My Favourite Musicians That Aren’t In A Band

  1. Amanda Lee (amalee)
  2. Caleb Hyles
  3. Johnathan Young
  4. Taylor Davis
  5. David Garret
  6. Nightcore Reality
  7. Marlissa
  8. Sebastian Ingrosso
  9. Kelly Clarkson
  10. Ashley Tisdale
  11. Nathan Sharp
  12. John Williams
  13. John Powell
  14. Daniel Powter
  15. John Newman
  16. Halsey

sorry this isn’t the whole list (same with the bands post) as i was at school when i wrote this and i couldn’t access spotify or youtube

My View On Humanity As A Species

Humanity by nature is a very greedy, destructive and ruthless species, this is due to evolution. Ego is a major contributing factor as why we are the way we are, when two egotistical people have conflicting views it can easily lead to conflict, a great example is Stalin and Hitler. the Fascist and Communist ideologies are polar opposites was this difference that drove the Soviet Union to keep fighting during the Second World War. if Hitler wasn’t so consumed by his ego, all the Jews that perished wouldn’t have died needlessly. in our existence, we have not had anymore than 200 years of continuous peace, this is partly because you cannot have peace without war. humans are creatures of convenience we are like electricity in the sense that we follow the path of least resistance. Humans are also ruthless, look at Stalin and Hitler again they killed so many of their own people to get or keep what they wanted, there’s a very fine line between determination and obsession Stalin and Hitler crossed that line to the point they became mono maniacs. Don’t get me wrong not all humans are like this, this ironically due to evolution and that some people can see past their ego. to summarize i have a very cynical view on humanity but that humanity is in the midst of a mass awakening which means we are finally realizing what we have become.

What i’ll be writing about.

First off, thanks for actually taking the time to read this. in this blog i’ll be mainly writing about how i’ve been feeling over the past week and why i think i’ve been feeling that way. This blog, i think will help me to flesh out how i’m feeling and track down the exact cause. if you think you can help me feel free to comment below. i’ll try my best to update the blog  at least once a week which will be Saturday most likely. Enough about that, I’ll tell you about myself a bit. i’m 17 years of age, I love gaming and sport but I cannot live without music. I tried once and almost drove myself insane. I play a sport called Cycle Speedway (look it up), some of my favourite bands are: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Foreigner, The Eagles, Sabaton and Soundgarden. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression early this year but i have been struugling with it on and off for nearly two years before my diagnosis. I was scared that no-one would like me if they knew i was depressed, so i hid it as much as I could but it just got considerably worse. I was crying myself to sleep most nights and having constant nightmares of me loosing all the people i loved. i’ll get into the reasons why in the next update but i thought you atleast have some idea on what i’m going to be talking about. sorry I know this is short but it’s just a intro to the blog. I’ll be changing the Quote below everytime i update
if you want to contact me directly feel free to Email me at

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton