Easter 2018

Sorry for not uploading in quite a while, i just didn’t have anything sreaming at me to be blogged about. i thought i’d put up a post about how my easter went for no apparent reason. My family and myself went up to a family friend’s shack in country Australia for the whole weekend. To be completely honest, i don’t get the point of Easter, it’s basically a four day excuse to eat chocolate which in my opinion is just weird. like Santa the “Easter Bunny” doesn’t exist, so why tell your children he is real only to destroy that part of their childhood a couple of years later? Ok enough of me ranting, i’ll explain what i did this Easter; literally nothing. the only mildly interestiong thing that happened was me having my worst mental breakdown to date. I was thinking about my personality and then i completely broke down (i’ll write a post on my breakdown spcifically in the very near future). drinking probably didn’t help (before you guys ask, yes i’m at the legal age), when i’m feeling depressed or anxious i usally avoid alcohol like the plauge but in this case my depression decided to make it’s presence felt after i had started drinking. the situation quickly detiriated after that. sorry for the short posts guys

One thought on “Easter 2018

  1. Sounds like a not so great Easter. And I agree with you that Easter is a weird holiday. I see it as an example of capitalist culture, really. Hope you’re doing well now.

    PS. I will get back to your email today, I had a little WordPress + email break and am trying to catch up on everything.


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